A rather
royal gin

A limited edition collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


Distillery Botanica Gin is lovingly handcrafted in our picturesque garden just outside of Sydney, Australia.

It’s here that we grow and handpick the botanicals that give our gin its distinctive character.We reckon the fresher the botanicals the more fragrant the gin. And it’s that scent that we love most. It’s why we use ‘enfleurage’, a thousand-year-old technique, to extract the purest perfume from our hero botanical, Murraya, without the use of heat. This makes the delicate Murraya come alive, with cues of Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Orange Blossom. It’s all about capturing our ingredients as purely as possible. Distilling the essence of our summer garden and delivering it perfectly to yours. We call it Garden Grown Gin.

Our Distiller

We like to collaborate


Hang on.
What are we doing here, in this beautiful candle?

Why aren’t we splashed with delicious tonic, surrounded by shards of ice and being supped at some-sort-of summery garden party?
Well, in short. We like to mingle. We love to mix with like-minded makers. In this case with our friends at Lumira. Who, like us, are all about blending the very finest ingredients to create enriching, sensory experiences. We reckon the fresher the botanicals the more fragrant the gin. And we just love that scent. So enjoy this delicately crafted gin scented candle created using the very botanicals we use in Distillery Botanica. We’re pretty sure you will.

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